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“Occupy Rio De Janeiro” (20130) a street art piece, Footscray, Australia


If Brazil’s oppressors are forced to recognize that an era of real democracy has arrived, I will be very happy to pay 20 cents more for my bus rides.

Editor’s note: on Monday night, the popular protests that have been rocking Brazil for the past week suddenly experienced a spectacular scale-shift, with mass mobilizations of hundreds of thousands of Brazilians in at least seven major cities, with thousands occupying Congress in Brasilia, and with hundreds attempting to storm and set fire to the Legislative Assembly in Rio de Janeiro. This letter from Rio, originally published by a collective of students at the Euro-American Campus of the Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po), provides some crucial background on what sparked the protests — and what lies behind them on a deeper, structural level.

By Franco A., originally published by Truth Is A Beaver. Or see more of this article by clicking on the link below.



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No Cuts to Education! 2013

No Cuts to Education! 2013

In Melbourne, Australia

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June 6, 2013 · 4:47 am

No Cuts to Education!

No Cuts to Education!

In the city of Melbourne, Australia

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June 6, 2013 · 4:45 am

Street Art in Santiago, Chile

Also See Van Thanh Rudd’s Website:  van-thanh-rudd.net

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Street Art in Support of Free Education

footscray, Australia

Footscray, Australia

my website   van-thanh-rudd.net

Neo-Liberal attacks on education are escalating in many places around the world including Chile, the USA, Canada and Australia. Students and people in general are protesting against these attacks in large numbers in some of these places too. For more information click on the links:
Article by Jorge Jorquera – regarding Australian education system
Article by Jorge Jorquera – regarding Latin America
Student Protests in Quebec, Canada
Australian education system – Massive Cuts to Tafe in Victoria

(above photos) These were placed in Footscray, Melbourne. Thanks to the freely accessable street sculpture techniques of Mark Jenkins (USA), I’m keen to produce more of this type of work. I aim to be much more directly political with my work, than Jenkins, as I feel that he commented successfully upon the alienated individual under capitalism.

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