I’m an artist / anti-capitalist activist based in Melbourne, Australia. I believe art can help change the world for the better and that art is never neutral. Art is never devoid of politics and economics. Art is part of a class war between the wealthy, ruling elites of the world and the majority of the indebted, working poor and exhausted and depleting middle classes. The aim of this blog is simply to inspire others, through art, to challenge this destructive and soulless system. I, along with many social justice activists around the world, am inspired by the revolutionary atmosphere taking place around the world, from the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall St, the radical Left movements of Latin America, to the local street protests. Those protests include freedom for refugees, freedom for Palestine, freedom for Julian Assange and Wikileaks, and ending the Imperialist wars in the middle east. My art attempts to assist these and many more social justice campaigns. Capitalism is destroying itself at a relentless pace, and once again, it seems more and more people are becoming aware that something else is possible beyond this system – something can be struggled for and won! We can no longer be told that freedom is not worth fighting for – that this is as good as it gets. We can no longer be blinded by the corporate media’s propaganda of hyper-individualism. We can no longer be sold the idea that banking parasites are necessary for our society to function. The global financial crisis is not a banking crisis alone – it is a crisis inherent in capitalism, and we’re all paying the price – as we always do under this system. If you’re thinking what I’m thinking……that this system is mutating itself so rapidly, that we risk looking back upon 2010 to 2012 as a simple glitch in the ‘less than perfect’ capitalist system. History will help us fight this powerful amnesia, and lead us on to a long, difficult, but worthy struggle that can be passed on to generations. And, of course, art will be as strong as it has always been, when there’s a class war to be fought!!

Van Thanh Rudd


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