Free Gaza street art, in Footscray, Australia

Free Gaza

by Van thanh Rudd, in footscray, Australia, in solidarity with the people of Gaza in the face of massive aggression coming from Israel – the Occupying State



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4 responses to “Free Gaza street art, in Footscray, Australia

  1. big fan of your work (in fact my Masters thesis was about you & the Melbourne City Council a few years ago) – we need this art!

    • wow – thanks Tony for you comments and I hope your thesis got a good mark!! Actually that artwork (plus some others by me and other politically focused artists) will be at latrobe uni museum of art from feb 20th to april 12th i think – if you interested – altho you may be sick of it by now 😉
      You have some great photos too – ta for passing on your link!

  2. ariel xamena

    hey man… i recently discovered your work, and I got surprised by the coincidence…and the connection that we have, even being so far …i also have made sculptures getting into/out from the wall. I’m glad to know another artist doing a similar work… it’s amazing….

    if you’d like to take a look of my work,,,,

    • Hi Ariel, wow this is great! I was inspired by US street artist mark jenkins. Have you seen his work? I’ve just had a look at your work – they’re great! I’m really interested now on the theme of football (did you see my football piece?) What country are you from? Sorry my spanish isn’t great. Looks like you’re from Latin America somewhere.

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